General Terms and Conditions
For users


These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as Contract) contain the rights and liabilities of Freedom Xpress Global Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Company) and of the user (hereinafter referred to as User), who uses Company’s services on the online platforms as well as the main rules of the Company’s operation.

  1. The subject of the Contract

The Freedom Xpress Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as Program) is basically a customer reward system, where Users joining the Program get discounts provided by salespeople and service providers (hereinafter referred to as Partners). Company enables Users to participate in the Program as defined in this Contract and to collect discounts on shopping or using a service at the authorized Partners and to use the price and other discounts.

  1. Registration

User can participate in the Program by registering online on the website of Company (hereinafter referred to as Website) and by making a statement that User voluntarily consents to Company’s data management and Company had informed User beforehand properly.

After the approval of the request by Company, User receives a personal, non-transferable registration number. This registration number entitles User to participate in the Program.

User declares that his registration data correspond to his real data, and agrees to inform Company without any delay if his personal data (especially email, address, phone number, etc.) change.

A natural person or a legal entity is entitled to be registered once. On registration, User must indicate his/her address (or seat for legal entities). In case of multiple registration, in order to obtain unauthorized advantages, the registrations following the original one will be deleted and Company is entitled to terminate the original contract and refuse to provide the discounts and advantages.

The User is obliged to keep the password of the weboffice secret and may not disclose it to unauthorized third parties. The User is fully responsible for the transactions made from his account. The User is obliged to immediately inform the Company if he / she suspects that his / her password has been misused or obtained by a third party (ies). The Company shall not be liable to the Partner for any damages incurred as a result of the Partner disclosing its password or misusing it by either the Partner or a third party.

  1. Rights and liabilities of the Parties

Registration and participation in the Program is available for adults with legal capacity.

No labor, service or company relation is established between Company and User. It is User’s own liability to participate in the Program. User’s activities are legally independent from the Company.

During the effect of the Contract User is not obliged to buy anything or actively participate in the Program.

User is only entitled to the advantages described in the Program. Beyond that User is not entitled to receive any reward for his/her activities. User shall not receive any reimbursement, not even when User recommends the Program to other people.

After User’s registration to the Program User is not entitled to change his/her sponsor.

User agrees to bear any charge, tax, fee etc. arising from any discount or advantage received, as defined by the laws in effect, including the registration, the submission and the payment thereof. Company shall not be made accountable for such liabilities.

User is not entitled to represent Company, especially not entitled to make a statement to other Users or Partner or accept such statements. User shall not receive any cash on behalf of the Company. In breach of the provisions of the Contract, Company is entitled to terminate the Contract with thorough reasoning.

Without Company’s prior written consent User is not entitled to:

    • use Company’s or Partners’ logo, sign, trademark or any other mark;
    • distribute, make public any business card, presentation, video or audio file, screenshot, web content, media content, digital or printed material or mail, or mention Company or Program therein, in any way;
    • hold any event, program, workshop, seminar etc. or mention Company or Program therein;

  1. Shopping

The Contract made by and between Company and Partners provides discounts and advantages for Users on shopping at Partners’. Current Partners and offers are available on the Website.

User can shop:

    • By means of a Discount Card (plastic or virtual card). The Discount Card is not money, but a card for administration data and discounts.
    • User can use the Discount Card in Company’s or Partners’ webshop, if the technical and other conditions enable the registration of shopping on the website.

The Company has no effect on Partners’ websites and webshops and cannot be made liable therefor. If you find an illegal or immoral content on those websites, Company distances itself therefrom.

Business packages purchased from the Company are considered as down payment of Freedom Vouchers. User acknowledges and expressly accepts that the Company shall pay commissions to the User and to other Users registered in the Program from the value of the retainer paid by her/him, since retainers forms contributes toward the consideration for the purchase voucher issued by the Company, therefore following payment, it shall be at the Company’s disposal. Users declare that they are familiar with the rules of down payment, and in light of this fact, they take note of the fact that they cannot reclaim the down payment on Vouchers.

  1. Discounts, advantages

Based on the shopping registered in the Program, User receives various discounts and advantages. Such discounts and advantages are stipulated by Company and Partner, therefore, they can be different with different Partners and countries.

The ways of shopping approved by Partner and the advantages and discounts are available on the Website, on Partner’s subpage.

If shopping conditions are changed, User is entitled to use advantages and discounts that were in effect at the time of paying.

Advantages and discounts are in effect if the shopping was paid by Client and no legal rights prevail that can restitute the pre-shopping conditions without reasoning, such as the termination of right for recession for making business by remote partners. For some discounts and advantages, Partner shall pay the amount of discount for Company by money transfer.

On User’s request, the amount in the e-Wallet can be transferred to User’s bank account weekly if the amount exceeds 50 euros.

If User shops in another currency than the one defined in his/her own e-Wallet, then the transaction will be settled in the currency defined by Company.

  1. Liability

The services provided by Company pertains to the operation of the Program defined in the General Terms and Conditions.

The agreement on the sale and purchase of a product or service provision is exclusively made between User and Partner. The rights arising from the cases of shopping at Partner’s shop by User can be exclusively practised against Partner and the liabilities are exclusively incumbent on Partner. Therefore, after making an agreement with Partner, Company shall not be made liable or warranted for the services of Partner, especially not for the unfulfillment or faulty fulfillment by Partner.

  1. Amendments

User agrees that this Contract shall be deemed to be general contracting conditions, which was determined unilaterally by Company, without the involvement of other parties, in order to make several agreements at the same time.

Any amendment to the Contract and its annexes made by Company shall be deemed to be valid, effective and approved by Club Card Holder if User does not disapprove any amendment it in writing within 30 days of the receipt of the notification or uses the Program further after the written notification. If User takes objection, then Company is entitled to terminate the Contract within 15 working days.

The effective General Terms and Conditions and its annexes are available on the Website.

User agrees that Company sends any amendment and notification to the email address and/or weboffice provided by User.

  1. Termination

User is entitled to terminate the Contract in writing without delay.

On termination of the Contract all discounts and advantages arising from the Program are void for User.

Parties hereto agree that the parties are not entitled to exercise their rights of avoidance in regard hereof, including in regard of voucher ordering or the payment of retainers for vouchers.

If in spite of the above provision, a court ruling establishes that User lawfully exercised her/his right of avoidance in relation hereto (following payment of retainers for purchase vouchers or of the total value of purchase vouchers), then unused sums of retainers for vouchers paid by User to the Company or, in case of unredeemed vouchers paid for in full, the total value of the voucher paid shall be considered earnest money by the parties; therefore in case of avoidance, such sums may not be refunded to the User.

  1. Miscellaneous

If any of the contractual provisions, in part or in full, shall become void or unexecutable, it does not affect the validity of the other provisions.